*Mi.Ca.Be.As.H* (gothwhorezzzzz) wrote,

news flash: goth kids trade black sunglasses at night, for black rimmed glasses all day long.

well it seems to me that your an idiot.
why on earth would you take us serious at any cost??
if you think were totally for real about our image, you deserve a ctrl 7 to the skull!
wait i mean. were serious.
we are goth as fuck.
we hate everyone.
we wear black.
we die our hair black.
we only eat count draculas cereal.
wait wait we dont fucking eat.
we only listen to Bauhaus and think about suicide.
we are goth as fuck.
fuck fuck fuck.
ya thats right.
comments that crack me up:
uhh...yea, ok
2001-09-01 08:24 (link)
to be "goth" you have to dye your hair black. So to be an air head, do you also have to dye your hair blond? i didnt think so, ok, it was a shitty analogy err whatever you wanna call it, but i must disagree. The world is so full of fakes, wannabes, etc, im not pointing fingers, so calm down, but you must admit, with all the "fashion wiccans, and dumb pop goths that have to tell the world they're goth are pretty sad. You're image should be apparent and real. not conformed, forced and faked just to fit your life into a specific mold to be in a click. that just sucks. ohwell, I fit no mold. i am a floater, i belong to no posse, or click and i judge people and chose my friends for who they are no matter how superficial and cheesy that sounds its true. i encourage you to do the same! `:)

2001-08-30 18:29 (link)
so in order to be 'goth,' you have to dye your hair black?

god that's so trite.

stupid britney wannabies. every since that video with her in all black, something others have been wearing for about 8 years has become a trend. great. so much for anarchism.

righttttttttt mr. goth face, well take note of your o'so original advice.
by the way nice icon marilyn manson. sooooooo original.

but dont worry this is all coming to an end, we have decided to jump on the emo band wagon cuz its way cooler!!
so from now on i dont get mad when you say dumb fucking shit.
i cry!!!
xmas gift list:
juliana theory.
head bands.
black rimmed glasses.

By the way i was thinking of cutting my hair, how do bangs sound???

thats what i thought.

dont worry im still gonna keep it real.

call me a mike stafanski but i think im emo/goth!!
im emo/goth.

new label.
like whoa.
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