*Mi.Ca.Be.As.H* (gothwhorezzzzz) wrote,

so you like our stlye??

i lil piece of me is always left for the ants.
and i will continue to carry your fake smiles across the dessert.

who do you think you are?
i know who i am!!

and give up this "if im not serious ill die" attitude.

so we have fun.
so live journal isnt for the tortured and depressed.
so we want to add you to our fucking buddy list.
sorry we dont want to sit and bitch about our lives
if our words offend you.
job well done.
if you think we suck.
job well done.
if you hate us.
if you love us.
if you wish you had that magic password,

dont complain because were not taking your "live journal" like our eulogy for life.
were not in the buisness to make you enjoy what we write.
were doing it for our entertainment.
so get a grippppppppppp fuckers.

na na na naa boo booo, your stuck with us.

our new pic is great btw.

joke of the day:
im so goth, i fart Bauhaus bass lines.
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..you gals are so nuts
hahahhahahahahhahahah that was probley the funniest thing i ever heard.
this is seriously the best livejournal i ever read. you guys are so goth it scares me!!! i need some help i always try to be goth and people just mistake me for a micheal jakson look alike. maybe i try to hard. well could you girls give me a few pointers it would be greatly appreciated . i need to be goth soon cause im going back to school and you know how that goes. thanx bye
id ahvwe to agree with jenelle.. im lookin to be goth and need some classes i think.. er at least a few lessons.. cuz when i start college it just wont be right.. ya get me? well that joke was funny..
-black #1 hair dye.
-black fishnet shirts.
-black pants.
-black skirts.
-knee high boots.(preferable in patton leather)
-black leather jewlry.
-black eye makeup.
-vinal anything.
-colored contacts.
-anything black.
-coffen jewlry.
-upside down crosses.
-the satanic bible.
-marilyn manson lunch box.
-at least one cradle of filth c.d.
-visit city club.
-talk about how you like to drink blood.
-long black skirts.
-be depressed.
there is much more, but add to it yourself. then you can become


add your own flava'flav.
also for the goth checklist, u gotta make funny noises....run around and scream in people's faces...that always does the trick to bein goth
"im so goth, i fart Bauhaus bass lines"

Some people need to shut the fuck up, It's your live journal and you do whatever the hell you wanna do! There are no rules saying you have to have a tragic depressed life to have one. If it counts I think it's great and funny as fuck.
u suck shut up your live journal suck you neeeeeddd ttoooooo shut the fuck nobady likes you and your ugly ass boyfriend with his bushy ass eyebrows

ps u smell

but i still luv u ....not lol later