*Mi.Ca.Be.As.H* (gothwhorezzzzz) wrote,

so you like our stlye??

i lil piece of me is always left for the ants.
and i will continue to carry your fake smiles across the dessert.

who do you think you are?
i know who i am!!

and give up this "if im not serious ill die" attitude.

so we have fun.
so live journal isnt for the tortured and depressed.
so we want to add you to our fucking buddy list.
sorry we dont want to sit and bitch about our lives
if our words offend you.
job well done.
if you think we suck.
job well done.
if you hate us.
if you love us.
if you wish you had that magic password,

dont complain because were not taking your "live journal" like our eulogy for life.
were not in the buisness to make you enjoy what we write.
were doing it for our entertainment.
so get a grippppppppppp fuckers.

na na na naa boo booo, your stuck with us.

our new pic is great btw.

joke of the day:
im so goth, i fart Bauhaus bass lines.
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